Interior Installation

Interior installation is a very important step in the interior finishing because this is the last step of the whole process INTERIOR DESIGN & BUILD. Even with shop drawings on hand, it’s not easy to get finishing products that’s just like the original design.

At TTDECOR, we are confident to be a quality interior production company in Ho Chi Minh City because most of the works we have executed are accurate with the original design in the maximum way. The advantage is we are a design – manufacturing – installation company so the solution for clients is always resolved quickly and easily.

In addition to the criteria of installation time, cost and quality after finishing, the warranty – maintena plan after sales is also be interested by a lot of people. To do this, you need to find a reputable interior contractor to set your trust.

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TTDECOR is a professional interior decoration company so we guarantee the following requirements:

Installation time

Come to TTDECOR, we give priority to many options and discuss with the owner to ensure the process is always flexible.

Cost of Installation

In addition to ensuring the progress, the cost of interior Installation is also a factor of special interest. At TTDECOR, we have our own furniture factory so we can guarantee high quality furniture at the best price. From that, we ensure the time and cost factors for the process of interior Installation.

Work quality

TTDECOR products are manufactured directly at the company’s workshop using the best materials as committed. The team of engineers, architects always meticulous in details to ensure the actual product is closest to the interior design image.

TTDECOR provides professional interior decoration services. Meeting the rigorous demands from the market including ensuring the criteria of construction progress, price and high quality of furniture.

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Interior installation team of TTDECOR is working at site

The implementation process of interior installation services from TTDECOR:

Step 1: Provide design documentation.

If customers do not have design, TTDECOR provides interior design services.

=> Clients need to provide TTDECOR the interior design documents if not designed by us

In addition, clients who choose TTDECOR for both design & installation service will be discounted the value of design contract! Click here

Step 2. Survey the current status and meet up client.

TTDECOR will survey the site, meet up client to find out details and list of furniture client want to deploy interior. So that we can receive the client’s request and offer the appropriate service package.

Step 3. Make a detailed quotation, installation schedule and defecting time.

We will estimate and quote the installation price based on the design file, list all the items and bill of quantities.

Step 4. Discuss with client & sign contract.

Here we will unify the installation items (the items client wants to do and does not want to follow the design records). Then the materials, materials for each item will be consulted our architect based on need and financial request of client. This is a factor that directly affects your investment. Before producing, client will have to approve the materials.

After the above procedures are completed, the client agrees with the quotation, the two parties will sign the installation contract. Contracts include quotations and contract terms already discussed.

Step 5. Produce and supply furniture.

Depending on the workload, level of completion, construction conditions, each project will have a construction period ranging from 30 to 120 working days, from the date of signing contract agreement.

Step 6. Acceptance, settlement.

The items will be handed over on the date signed in the contract. Any incidents and work progress will be reported directly to the investor.

After acceptance and delivery of all items of the works, the investor and TTDECOR will liquidate the contract in accordance with the terms signed.

Payment schedule contract

Payment in 03 periods:

  • Stage 1: Advance 50% of the contract value immediately after the two parties sign the INSTALLATION contract.
  • Stage 2: Advance 30% of the contract value.
  • Installment 3: Pay the remain of the contract value.

* After the liquidation of the contract, our work has not stopped there, will continue to warranty and maintenance of the works within 12 months (Technical Warranty).

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