Wrapping up the apartment tour is a fun blue design for a young couple

Bright colors provide for energetic days and soothing nights. Natural materials, plants, and vivid prints help lead the mind away from the city and into a more peaceful place, perhaps a forest overlooking fresh blue waters.

Decorative shelves separate the bed and sofa spaces. When the young couple needs some time to pursue individual interests, they can stake out their own territory without feeling completely closed off.

thiet ke noi that dep 01

thiet ke noi that dep 02

blue and brown living room theme

small teal and gray apartment

This desk couldn’t have a better location. When the sunlight from the bay window begins to fade, the Tribeca lamp by Søren Rose Studio can illuminate the desk or swing over to shine on the bed.

thiet ke noi that dep 03

Dining takes place in a relatively secluded cove shared with the kitchen. It’s nice to have somewhere to slip away from the main gathering.

thiet ke noi that dep 07

In the background, the iconic Delmori clock centers the design. Beat lamps by Tom Dixon cut a lovely profile.

thiet ke noi that dep 05

The kitchen itself melts right into the wall. Not a single inch of potential storage is wasted. 

thiet ke noi that dep 06


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