Why you should choose services of interior design and construction?

Buying a home is a big event for each family. In particular, the interior design decisions and increase the home's value. With such an important job, you will do it by yourself or co-orperate with an interior design company ?

My advice is that you should choose a company that has the experience and reputation in the field of interior to help you implement the ideas for your family's house.

Here are the benefits that you will receive if you select the services of interior design and construction.

1. Your house will have your personal style

  •  Interior design not always applicable to your apartment as each apartments or houses have different structures. If you like an interior design and buy furniture like that, your house will be difficult to have the desired aesthetics.
  • The interior company will have a professional design team who will listen to your personal style. So the final product will has your personal style as you want.
Nhà bạn sẽ là nét riêng của chính bạn


2. Easy cost estimates

  • Buiding or designing the house has a lot of things to worry about. If you want to buy furnitures that with out advice, the estimated cost will arise certainly.
  • Meanwhile, the interior compant who has experiences in many projects should be easy to quantify the cost of each item clearly. Accordingly, you just have to pay a fixed fee under the contract. So that you and your family can actively prepare for the budget.
Bạn chỉ phải chi khoản phí cố định theo hợp đồng


3. Ensure the health of you and your family

  • Your family will not have to worry so much, because the interior company wil run all things such as designing, materials purchasing, constructing furniture and cleaning... You and your family just have to approve the design, sign the contract and wait for the time in less than 30 days to get the final result.
  • In addition, because the interior company has experiences in the field of furniture, so thay have clearly source of material for ensuring you and your family health and safety.
Gia đình bạn sẽ không phải suy nghĩ lo toan quá nhiều,


4. Make the most of living space

  • Your apartment will be design to make a harmonios supplement each other between aesthetic objects, colors, light ... make up the overall consistency while maintaining distinct characteristics between each or at the request of your family.

5. Quick administrative procedures, clear contract

  • The interior company easily represent your family to get the permit of painting or furnishing apartments.
  • Moreover, the contract with detailed terms, after reaching agreement to be signed and strictly abide under the constraints of the law will help you and your family peace of mind.


TT DECOR will be the most reliable partner of you!

Established since 2008, TT DECOR gradually building and rebranding project in each interior. It is the image TT DECOR with relentless creativity in design, an enhanced quality days in each product is made by a team of skilled Designers, Architects, Engineers and Workers.

The project participated that TT DECOR designed interior and constructed: Himlam Riverside, Himlam Cho Lon, Sunrise City, Lacasa, Saigon Airport Plaza, Hoang Anh Giai Viet…. And a lot of the other Villas, Penhouses….

Over 800 customers choose us in 7 years. How about you?


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