Four Sleek Living Rooms With Simple Color Palettes

Bridging the gap between modern minimalism and comfortable traditional design, these open-plan living rooms offer a practical and accessible style for just about any taste. All four of these interiors are the work of Architektura Design and share the same approachable aesthetic, but each one has something different to offer – this post contains inspiration for spaces small and large, with light accents or dark, using themes that are ornate or streamlined in turn. We hope these subtle (but important!) differences will help you find ways to incorporate this pleasant style within your own unique environment!

The first featured living room is an exceptionally compact design, but the smart layout of the home allows for a comfortable and spacious-feeling atmosphere. It’s a bright and cheerful interior, made even more endearing by its careful application of pale yellow accents.

noi that mau vang 01
Cách bố trí thông minh mang đến một bầu không khí thoải mái

noi that mau vang 03

Even the grey tones harbor a secret hint of warmth, a classic match for its more colorful focal points. Most of the decor remains simple, but the colors make them stand out with incredible character. 

noi that mau vang 02



noi that mau vang 01


Intricate, but not overworked – this interior makes good use of geometric forms, especially by employing furniture that could easily double as sculptural artwork. Contrast is an important theme even beyond the color palette. For example, the weight shifts between the light base of the Eames dining chairs compared to their substantial seat.

noi that hien dai 01

When you’re hanging a perfect piece of artwork, a simple frame is the best option. This home remains streamlined and refined to give this amazing garden view the emphasis it deserves. 

noi that hien dai 02

noi that hien dai 04


noi that hien dai 05


This space is seriously small. Such a compact apartment almost requires an extremely minimalist approach. Here, the designer decided to forgo decoration in favor of lots of light, clean surfaces, and bountiful open space.

noi that mo 01

noi that mo 02

noi that mo 03


noi that mo 04


Here’s one of the most decorative homes in this series. Despite the lack of art or knick-knacks, the delightful combination of textures helps to weave a strong personality and warm character. Pale yellow furniture dots the interior with focal points to anchor the eye.

noli that ca tinh 03

noli that ca tinh 01


noli that ca tinh 02


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