Cute decor ideas using old books

Do not throw out your old books or sell them. Transform them a little, you will have ornaments super cute for your own house.

Beautiful wreath from waste paper

A lovely wreath hanging on the front door is the warm and cute welcome for guests. From the pages of old books, you can easily make a wreath hanging doors. If your books are not old enough as you want, just come to the second-hand store and choose a few books like that.

This super cute wreath is designed by Sunny Tuesday. You can use this wreath during a year, change the ribbon with matching colors with the seasons. All you need are scissors, glue gun, old books and a round frame.

Cute wreath is made of old books

Lovely wreaths are made of "pom pom"

One other interesting way to make a wreath of paper is folded book pages and strung together into circular frame. If not satisfied with the color of the paper, you can use tea to stain or running it through the fire to add more unique and classic.

Unique and lovely wreath made of old papers give greeting to your customers.

Cute plant pots made from old books
You can use old books to creat cute bonsai to decorate the desk, bookshelf, coffee table. This idea is very suitable for some plans like cactus (not need more land to live). You also can use any of the "book tree pots" to decorate the wedding.

Very simple to do "book tree pot" handmade like the picture above.

Scissors, pencils, rulers, paper knives, tape, glue are the tools needed to do the "book tree pot".

If the cover is too hard and difficult to cut books, you can open the book and plant the tree like the picture above.

Make old books to become artworks
In just a few quick and simple steps, you had to be a work of art to decorate the room from old books. You use a knife to cut the paper to remove the cover and frame. Then you glued them. Then you cut the shapes that you like, then pin them to the book to create a sense of 3D.

Reuse the book to make the frame


Collection of beautiful butterflies made from old books creativity and originality.

Add more color for the products to make them brilliant and impressive.

Handy and unique place to charge your phone
This creative product is the interesting combination between old and new. Old books are used to cover phone charger and help desk become more neat and lovely.

Pierce a hole in the heart of the old book and charging cord neatly into it, very simple, right?

Old books become a handy and unique thing to decorate the room
Make old books to become a small lovely shelves

Instead of buying a new bookshelf, what do you think about making old books to become shelves? You can use them for hold other books, vases, clocks, ... Very creative, right?

Shelves are small and pretty but they are very impressive.

You need to have a shelf to keep the books on the walls.

Feeling like you have a invisible bookshelf.

This is also a great way to show off your books collection.


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