Avoiding mistakes when choosing interior construction company

Doing decor for house, apartment or coffee shop ... must go through several stages, in which the interior construction accounted for a very important role because this stage decide that your final product receive.

No need to worry! Understanding the following note from TT DECOR, you will make a decision quickly and accurately to choose a good interior construction company.

Checking the profile of the company capacity

Even if your family does not have much time, but checking profile of the company capacity interior is very important. Work experience, and projects that the company has done ... that is all the information you need to learn. Can not just because they are acquaintances or caught introduce advertising information somewhere that you make decision sketchy.

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Never just rely on price to make decisions

When choosing any service unit, your family will refer many places. In it you easily make a decision to cooperate with an unit who has the best prices. However, in the interior there are many types of materials and therefore will have different prices. You and your family need to learn information about the interior materials and require the interior construction company to give yo the details including whether the product quality, accessories, surface coating materials ...

If you choose a lower priced units that quality of material is not good, the money will have to spend to maintain the product in the future will certainly more than the amount that you save at present.

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Trong lĩnh vực nội thất có rất nhiều chủng loại vật liệu và theo đó sẽ có mức giá khác nhau

Consider to choose the units that has "closed interior process"

The interior design is just in 3D design, they all have the ability to distort reality after finishing. We can build a great 3D image but impossible in the stage of construction. That is likely to happen if the interior design company dose not have more experience in materials and construction techniques. And also more likely to occur if the interior construction company is not understand the design. It is best to choose a unit with both services: design and construction. There will be collaboration and learning between departments: design department will consider before making the idea and construction workers to receive the design directly from the design department that should be communicated carefully.

Furthermore, advice from experienced people that you should choose interior company that has a closed process from design to manufacturing and construction finishing to ensure the product will achieve the most accurate, the most satisfied.

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TT DECOR will be the most reliable partner of you!

Established since 2008, TT DECOR gradually building and rebranding project in each interior. It is the image TT DECOR with relentless creativity in design, an enhanced quality days in each product is made by a team of skilled Designers, Architects, Engineers and Workers.

The project participated that TT DECOR designed interior and constructed: Himlam Riverside, Himlam Cho Lon, Sunrise City, Lacasa, Saigon Airport Plaza, Hoang Anh Giai Viet…. And a lot of the other Villas, Penhouses….

Over 800 customers choose us in 7 years. How about you?

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