TT DECOR opened furniture showroom in district 6

As a begining of the furniture showroom system in the future, TT DECOR opened the first showroom in Him Lam Cho Lon apartment.

Leveraging the strength of our country​

“Qua phân tích năm 2015, Việt Nam là quốc gia xuất khẩu đồ gỗ lớn thứ 4 trên thế giới, sau Trung Quốc, Đức, Italy.

"Through analysis of 2015, the wood export of Viet Nam is the 4th largest in the world, after China, Germany, Italy.


In 2015, the exports of wood and wood products earned $ 6.9 billion, increasing of 10.71% compared to 2014. It is expected that in 2016, exports of wood and wood products will gain 7.2 to 7.3 billion USD, the growth rate of 8-10%.

Wood products of Viet Nam were exported to 37 countries around the World.

In addition, Viet Nam has nearly 340 villages with thousands of households and wood processing facilities. Vietnam has established a number of wood factory in HCMC, Binh Duong, Binh Dinh, Dong Nai ... "(According to nhanhieuviet).


showroom ttdecor02
Wood products of Viet Nam were exported to 37 countries around the World.


Leverage existing strengths and strong growth of the wood market, TT DECOR opend furniture fhowroom in Block B2 - Him Lam Cho Lon apartment - 491 Hau Giang, District 6, HCMC.

showroom ttdecor01

showroom ttdecor06


Showroom improve the closed interior process of TT DECOR beside the factory with nearly 1000 m2 area that company has been expanding recently.Cung cấp sản phẩm Nội Thất

Provide quality interior products of Vietnam for Vietnamese

TT DECOR furniture showroom was born with the idea: Providing 100% quality interior product of Vietnam. Products are from the factory, undergo a thorough selection, testing seriously, the best quality and reasonable price that all for Vietnamese.

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In any activity, TT DECOR always focused on quality, enhance customer benefits. Brand reputation is built on the achievements and the satisfaction of our customers for over 7 years. Passion, creativity and enthusiasm in all things helps us constantly expanding, rising and grow. This interior showroom is one of the proofs of our development.


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