Customer Reviews

Mr Hiep Cao Tuan

Himlam Riversides Apartment, District 7

"Really impressed with the professional working style of TTDECOR. This apartment is a home for my future, so I am very careful with interior design to create a beautiful space and increase modern utilities. After comparing multiple sources I chose TT DECOR because the TT DECOR has extensive experience in the field of design and construction of furniture and the price is very clear from the beginning first.The designer of the company help me visualize a particular way of the apartment with 3D simulation methods. Especially I am quite satisfied about the construction team because they work overtime to help the project meet the deadline.

Hope that your company will be always suscessful."

Mr Kha Luong Xuan

Himlam Riversides Apartment, District 7

I do not use this apartment for living, i use it for lease. I am careful about the construction design because it affects renting price and the satisfaction of tenants. Thankfully TT DECOR made me really confident for the interior apartments. Certainly I will continue to work with TT DECOR on the next time. 


Ms. Coi Tran Thi

Him Lam Cho Lon Apartment

I chose interior package services because I want to design my apartment in an optimal way, making the most of the area. Buying individual furnitures will be difficult to separate the layout, narrow and inconsistent style.
After visiting the Him Lam template apartment which is very beautiful and reasonable price. So that, i chose the company made that apartment, that is TT DECOR. After my apartment completed, people who visited also liked it. I am so satisfied!