Although TTDECOR's shophouse in Van Phuc Residence officially put into operation on May 16th, 2020. However, the exciting activities in response to this special event were also launched by TTDECOR and received positive feedback from customers.


    A representative of TTDECOR said that the launching event of shophouse will take place on May 16th, 2020 at the address J16, street 11th, Van Phuc Residence, Highway 13, Thu Duc Distric, HCMC. Thiscplace is considered a prime location, located in the heart of the Van Phuc Residence, where convergence of all elements of a green building combined with resort and many luxury services.

    The attending customers will experience the ideal living space at the shophouse with sophisticated and elegance architecture, modern facilities and standard living space for 3-generation family.

    In addition, the special promotion to express our gratitude to customers for trusting and using TTDECOR's interior design - build services has been widely deployed and introduced by TTDECOR.

    The detail promotion information:

   - Application time: until the end of May 10th, 2020

   - Applicable subjects: all customers of TTDECOR

   - Preferential form:

   • 30% discount on design cost.

   • Extra 5% discount on the total cost of construction contracts.

   • Becoming the first customers to visit the luxury living space in the shophouse.

    Comfortable living space is always something that each of us wants to wish. Let’s take advantage of this special opportunity to invest or renew our own living space for our lives are more sublimated, happier and more wonderful

    Register to visit :here