TTDECOR thanks party – The space of gratitude

Thanks Party – the extremely special day for TTDECOR recently was taken place in a joyful and cozy atmosphere at Van Thanh Tourist Destination on March 23. Thanks Party is not only a place for TTDECOR to send thanksfullness to the big family that has had strong attachment and made well-know trademarks of TTDECOR but also an opportunity for all members to sit back and share with each other about sad and happy memories after a years overcoming many difficulties and challenges.

Especially, TTDECOR is also honored to welcome distinguished guests, customers and partners throughout the construction and development stages of the company. Thanks to the support of the distinguished guests for TTDECOR to have the position today, Mr. Le Dinh Tung – CEO of TTDECOR gave flowers instead of deep gratitude.

Mr. Le Dinh Tung affirmed that in 2018, TTDECOR had a great development by participating in projects which are large-scale and have good quality . Entering 2019, it is predicted that the economy will be difficult due to rising interest rates, new construction works will be stoped, but it will be a year to further confirm TTDECOR’s direction by clear and sure-fire strategies. The last 10 years, it seems neither long or short to prove TTDECOR’s role and brand, in his speech, he emphasized that in order to achieve success today, it is not thanks to the effort of an individual but also the struggle and consensus of a whole group.

The honor of 05 excellent managers, 05 excellent employees and 03 dedicated employees in 2018 is expressing deep gratitude from the bottom of TTDECOR for members who have worked hard all the time. Thank you for accompanying TTDECOR to create a new future.

In addition to the formal ceremony with the main blue, the program is also flooded with music space, which is no less professional from the members of TTDECOR. An equally exciting content is the lucky draw for valuable gifts and voting QUEEN- KING OF THE NIGHT in Thanks Party.

The party ended in the warm atmosphere and joyful laughter of attendees. Wishing all members and customers plenty of health and TTDECOR development with every passing day.