TTDECOR is honored to be interior design and build for Himlam sales gallery - Vinh Tuy, Ha Noi

As a strategic partner of HimLam Group for many years, starting this 2019, TTDECOR continues has bee chosen as an interior design and build for HimLam Sales Gallery - Vinh Tuy, Hanoi.

In other to create a friendly and pleasant feeling as well as build a luxury and aesthetic appeal of the whole area’s landscape, TTDECOR chose a modern style appropriate with the overall architecture of the HimLam Vinh Tuy project.

For a real estate business, the lobby is considered the face of professionalism, class and scale. Understanding that, TTDECOR has interwoven subtle neutral colors subtly: brown of wooden wall, light yellow color of floor and ceiling combined with the white color of tables and chairs.

Instead of using solid wood, TTDECOR cleverly combined with modern LED lights and luxurious glass pieces to create the subtlety of the main lobby. The space is not only deep and wide but also brighter by a harmonious combination between natural and artificial light. The architects of TTDECOR also show the art of harmonious arrangement when appearing a green wall of fresh ornamental plants to bring a friendly feeling to customers and increase lifelikeness for space.

The selected furniture is not merely a working item, but also an office decoration.

Toilets are used in contrasting black and white colors, combined with modern stainless steel appliances and luxurious glass surfaces instead of conventional door materials such as wood, plastic or MDF.

With a thorough customers' needs grasp, TTDECOR offers a comprehensive design and build solution from the lobby to the employee's working area as well as the auxiliary building, it creates a professional and space office space. Him Lam Vinh Tuy Sales Gallery is on behalf of pledging to build the foundation for success with Him Lam Group in particular and customers in general.