TTDECOR design – build contractor for nam long - Waterpoint sales gallery

With the goal of creating a new definition of enjoyment and value of life in a green environment, Nam Long - Waterpoint project is invested as an international-class Water River Urban Area with 355 hectares of land.

With experience and demonstrated capacity through each project, TTDECOR surpasses its companies and is honored to be trusted by Nam Long Group - the leading group in Vietnam in the field of real estate. We are the interior design and build for Nam Long – Water Point Sales Gallery.

Exchanges are the face and bring in their own unique features of the project, Nam Long - Waterpoint Sales Gallery is no exception. Consistent with the goal of a new urban area, the Sales Gallery is designed in a modern style, optimizing the usability and increasing connectivity between spaces.

Modern design is applied subtly in the use of dominant colors, wood colors and white colors, creating a strong contrast; the color of plants and green river makes the space more close to nature.

Inspired by the beautiful river, Waterpoint winding with soft curves but no less attractive. "River" throughout the entire design, expressed in partitions, pillars, ceilings or even stairs.

The breath of nature, the grass, the sunlight crept into each space through the green wall or bonsai and covered with transparent glass to catch the sun's rays.

In accordance with the spirit of low building density, Nam Long - Waterpoint Sales Gallery has a lot of space for corridors, tables and chairs, which are well-ventilated and specific for each department or individual exchange.

Understanding customers' needs and flexibly applying business capabilities are the leading factors that help TTDECOR create a modern, class and friendly space. Nam Long - Waterpoint Sales Gallery exchange replaces the pledge of trust that Nam Long Group has given to TTDECOR.