TTDECOR awarded the salary raising decision in the first round of 2020

   In the morning of May 22th, 2020, in the joy and the surprise feeling, 16 outstanding individuals who successfully completed the assigned jobs and outstanding achievements were received the salary raising decision from the General Director - Mr. Le Dinh Tung.

   Mr. Le Dinh Tung shared sincerely to all the employees: “The development of a company is always accompanied by the devoted dedication of the staff, and I really appreciate our continued commitment and effort. It can be seen that the recent epidemic has greatly affected the business situation of the company, but with the guideline of the company's operation from the early days, the company has a responsibility to take care of staff's lives, creates a professional working environment, helps employees feel respect for their dedication, and especilly, get back the value they deserve".


  The excellent individuals of each department after receiving the salary increasing decision also shared work directions in the future and promising themselves to make more efforts to contribute a part of their efforts in the development and success of the company.