TTDECOR attends in the program "Business living"

The interior decoration industry is growing day by day according to the pace of architecture development, the importance of interior decoration for buildings as well as the measure of decoration investment. Furniture is becoming more and more dominant.

Although it has been introduced to Vietnam for a long time, the field of interior design and build has only really been paying attention in the past few years. Most interior design companies perform all services, from consulting, providing materials, designing and building. That means an increasingly important role of interior designers.

Representing typical businesses in the furniture industry, TTDECOR is honored to participate in HTV9's program "BUSINESS LIVING" as a general channel on the economy - politics - society of Ho Chi Minh City Television Station.

In this program, Mr. Le Dinh Tung - General Director of TTDECOR said: "In the years accompanying the development of the dynamic economy, TTDECOR always focuses on teams of enthusiastic and skilled management, engineers, architects and workers and combines with modern technology to create impressive works to meet the demands of customers. In the direction of continuous improvement, TTDECOR is gradually creating sustainable value chains with partners and positioning the business brand in the domestic interior design and build market ".