The little fresh for the nest

Arriving at the Phu Nhuan residential area of Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, it cannot miss Lisa Auligny's pool villa.

The spacious living room is decorated with wooden chairs, designed by Marc Newson. Photographs of Olivia Marty, Gomo floor lamps, antiques and statues are bought in Vietnam, and pillows are bought from Luang Prabang (Laos).

Of French-Lebanese origin, this 36-year-old woman has lived in Vietnam for 12 years with her husband and two children. Starting her career in the pharmaceutical industry, she has taken a different direction since obtaining her French "interior decoration" degree. This new turn of career unknowingly gave her idea - her individual interior company - the result of her passion for decoration and her desire to express it right at her house.

On the wall is a large portrait of Will Whitehouse - an Australian artist, and on the ledge of the window are Buddha's heads. The wooden tables and shelves are made of Vietnamese Golden Oak wood.

Lisa's decoration style is very personal and sophisticated. She loved pretty things that were historical. She enjoyed mixing different styles because she found there a unique, less monotonous and creative freedom. She said: “I put in a lot of effort to create a smooth flow for the spaces and their origins. The change of position made me fascinated and find the balance from a different way, through a combination of light and space, material and color ”.

The rocking chair of Charles Eames. On the wall is a painting of Trinh Cong Son musician, authored by Alexander Slim (Canadian artist)

Lisa's demeanor was inspired by the scraps that she picked up at the Paul Bert market in Paris - when she returned to France. In Vietnam, her ideas come from big shops and small stalls in the city center. "I have found furniture from interior designers around the world, like architect Gisele Taranto, or a talented design item of Rio de Janeiro," she said.

The terrace view can overlook the pool and garden, where synthetic fiber sofas and chairs are arranged.

Lisa Auligny's furnitures are Chinese-style, bought from various stores in the antique area on Le Cong Kieu Street, Remix Décor, Feeling Tropic, Gomo, Diabolo. At this villa, the living room view overlooks the dining room, living room corner, reading corner and kitchen. She mixes many modern and classic wooden furnitures and uses many natural materials such as Japanese duckweed, wood and rattan to bring a unique space for the main room. The rooms in the house are pure and cute decoration with monochromatic drawings matching the dominant white. The interior of the house is like that, the exterior of the house is a spacious space with a garden, a pool surrounded by small glass tanks, shaped like a Florida style.

According to KT&S No. 86

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