The Costa Nha Trang Penthouse

Located on the 18th floor of The Costa Nha Trang - a pioneer project in the field of luxury resorts in the heart of the coastal city, Costa Nha Trang Penthouse is considered as the luxury "second home".

According to the spirit of "Directing yourself to the sea", The Costa Nha Trang Penthouse is a large space made up of combining 2 apartments together. Because of this merger, the penthouse is more special when there are two sides of the sea view, mingling with nature.

Customers want to blow a breath of fresh air for the space here - a space that combines smoothly between modern architecture and elegant furniture, bringing private space and Top notch gadgets.

To meet the needs of the investor, the construction team took full advantage of the monochrome furniture in each space to create the luxury. The common unity for the whole apartment is exalted, but the highlight for each space is also focused to highlight the functions and style of the owner.

With a total area of up to 500m2, including: seating space, common living area, master room, bedroom, balcony with barbeque area and outdoor furniture ... all spaces exude a gentle, relaxed atmosphere. relaxation as well as true amenities of a coastal resort. The feeling is converged from light elements, trees, sea breezes and unique furniture, manufactured separately with 80% from wood and the remaining 15% from stone.

The Costa Nha Trang Penthouse is full of nature, sunshine, wind and the breath of the blue sea, is a spacious and meticulous space to every small corner, dispelling the feeling of fatigue from the chaos of life. living.