Shophouse for a three-generated family

With the purpose of building a model house for customers to visit and experience the interior that our company has created, TTDECOR decided to choose Van Phuc City as the place we put our whole heart.

Why choose Van Phuc City?

With a total area of 198 hectares, Van Phuc City is one of the largest high-end urban areas in HCMC. Surrounded by the Saigon River on three sides, Van Phuc City is a combination of two living sides: the slow pace of the water landscape works - green trees and the bustling commercial center for an active and colorful life. The harmony between the two values: a dynamic - a quiet and a modern - a tradition, it is extremely suitable for a family of 3 generations.

With a total rough status quo, the total floor area of nearly 500m2, including 5 floors, TTDECOR has inspired the house by Neo Classic design style and Western classical art with a bit of liberal contemporary beauty.

To show the sophistication and clarity, TTDECOR uses white as the main color to make space always full of light, giving a wider feeling. White is used for the ceiling and walls to erase the junction and create a seamless and height "cheating" visualization.

The living room is designed elegantly and coolly, taking full advantage of natural light through the glass windows. Pale sofa sets, wooden cabinets and trees are combined with the color tones of the wall.

To bring a cozy feeling into the bedroom, TTDECOR uses furniture with pastel, light yellow and brown colors of wood applied sophisticatedly and comfortably to users.

With a narrow horizontal surface, TTDECOR's design team intelligently salvage the"dead" spaces such as under stairs, corridors ... to make chests or playing areas for children.

Với một mặt bằng hẹp bề ngang, đội ngũ thiết kế của TTDECOR đã tận dụng thông minh những không gian “chết” như dưới cầu thang, hành lang… để làm hộc tủ hoặc khu vui chơi cho trẻ.

A special feature of the house is the kitchen in the terrace to help the family gather space more spacious and airier. The angles from the trees, the breeze and sunlight of this place is not only a great space for the whole family to relax and rest after the chaos of daily life but also an ideal place to gather at the weekend.

A model family with 3 generations: grandparents, parents and descendants - are the target customers that TTDECOR aims to build the Shophouse in Van Phuc City. Exquisite Neo Classic style is a flexible combination between classical architecture and modern interiors, pleasing any customer. Whether you are young or middle-aged, dynamic or quiet, you will feel the warm atmosphere of “HOME” when visiting this shophouse - this is the wish and the goal of TTDECOR.