Interior Decoration Supervisor


Interior Decoration Supervisor

Job description

  • In charge of supervising the construction work, interior finishing techniques at the site.
  • Coordinate to work with relevant departments, unanimously solve problems / adjustments at the site (if any).
  • Receive goods at the construction site. Assign, coordinate and guide daily work for workshop’s workers / subcontractor’s workers working at the site.
  • Ensure the construction supervision in accordance with the design, shop drawings, regulations, technical standards, on schedule and safety.
  • Control the construction volume in accordance with the contract; detect and promptly report wastage in the construction process to have a reasonable adjustment plan.
  • Report: quality, schedule as prescribed; make a record of requirements arising from daily works for Department head.
  • Record, answer customers' inquiries and complaints.
    • Perform acceptance test of quality and workload with the Investor, subcontors/ customers / suppliers.
    • Other works assigned by head or BOD.

General Requires

  • Graduating from college or higher.
  • Quick-witted, dynamic handling work quickly and efficiently.
  • Communication and management.
  • Planning and tracking progress.
  • Know how to read interior construction drawings, fitout, ME.
  • Ability to work independently, honestly, creatively and hard-working.
  • Agile, flexible handling of problems at site.
  • Resistant to high pressure, team work and independentl, work overtime.
  • At least 3 year in interior field.

CV language

  • Vietnamese


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  • Ho Chi Minh city

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