Immersing in the most modern living space in TTDECOR's shophouse

   Located in Van Phuc Residence with the most comfortable eco-system in Saigon and many luxury services such as Ocean World amusement park, commercial center, school, park and international hospital. Van Phuc City is promised to be the most livable place in Saigon today.

    What special thing is in the Van Phuc Shophouse?

    Van Phuc Shophouse is performed by a team of designers and architects as well as many years of experience and professionalism with more than 800 large and small works, it has affirmed TTDECOR brand in the market of interior design and construction.

    A design is luxury but no less intimate and warm with elegant colors such as white, cream, gray and brown. Let's explore this wonderful apartment.

    The first mentioned thing is the living room’s interior space, this place is always took care of the most carefully by the investors, because it brings the perfect beauty to their family's home. Choosing interior design in classical or modern style also brings its own unique and suitable beauty for each personality and lifestyle of the homeowner. With the current hustle and bustle life, sometimes the living room is no longer a place where people often gather together after a day of stressfull work and study. However, thanks to the ingenuity of the design team and the subtlety of the construction team, this combination makes the family members feel a sense of intimacy and want to be together to talk and share.

   The private space of each family member is also closely followed to the practical needs to create a unique personality by the design team.

    The bedroom of grandparents is simple with white tone but still exudes elegance when combined in harmony with wood material meticulously by TTDECOR's workers in every detail.


    The master room feels cozy when TTDECOR uses furniture with pastel colors, light yellow and brown of wood to create comfort for users.

    With the tendency to personalize the living space for each family member, the son's room has a strong dynamic when combining white with blue.

    Pink is chosen the main color in the girl's room, it creates a sense of lightness, lovely but still exudes class.

    The dead angles in the house are also maximized by TTDECOR to turn it into a children's playing area, or the space under the stairs is also optimized by putting a sofa to fall back.


    The dining room and the terrace are also took care in every detail by TTDECOR. Each decorative light bulb, each chair in the table or simply bonsai pots are arranged scientifically to create a feeling of closeness and familiarity.

   Bathroom space is also well-invested by TTDECOR when combining marble with white equipment and simple motifs to create a comfortable relaxation but still adhering to the luxury factor of the owner.

    Van Phuc Shophouse is not only a place for customers to have the opportunity to experience a luxurious and model living space, but also through which you will have access to new interior trends, top equipment from domestic and foreign brands. More specifically, you can find an experienced partner in the field of interior design - construction to help you get closer to your dream apartment.

     Only a few more days, this wonderful apartment will be open to welcome all guests, the staff of TTDECOR is very pleased to welcome our visitors.

      Shophouse Address: J16, 11th Street, Van Phuc Residence, 13th Highway, Thu Duc District, HCMC.