Closing up to the most expensive penthouse apartment in Nha Trang city

The Penthouse is in the 5-star international luxury apartment complex of The Costa Nha Trang - located in the center of Tran Phu golden street of Nha Trang coastal city - giving owners a valuable experience ...

Inspired by the swirling waves of the sunny Nha Trang sea, The Costa Nha Trang's design is a harmonious combination of modern architecture with colorful details in harmony with the elegant interior, between general - private space and luxury utilities experience.

Designed with the ambition "in every corner of the building we see the sea and life in Nha Trang", the talented Singaporean architect Tan Hock Beng has used transparent glass walls that lasted continuously from the ceiling to the floor and covered the entire facade of each penthouse, helping to bring an unlimited 360-degree view and embrace the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Located on the top floor of the 29-storey apartment building, the penthouse of The Costa Nha Trang is completely separated from the smoke or the sound of daily life.

The simple staircase design with glass railing ensures both safety and a sense of space between spaces.

The Costa Nha Trang aims to optimize all equipment but more comfortable and more luxurious. The luxury, sharp and unobtrusive interior equipment from world-famous brands serve the needs of residents.

Defined as a "rendezvous site for worthy owners", The Costa Nha Trang is both a luxurious resort for the upper class and a "second home" for owners.

It is not only a familiar feeling when returning to your own home but also this place gives owners a truly different experience.

The living space is minimalist and create a sense of peace and relaxation for the apartment owner. The furniture in the house is not picky but exudes the aesthetics of the owner.

Owners also enjoy 5-star concierge services and are met the most demanding needs perfectly.

Here, medical services, babysitting, secretary, bonsai care, shopping on demand bring true life care art. At The Costa Nha Trang, personal living space is unique and privacy is paramount from the entrance lobbly area to isolated areas, 24/7 security and separate beach on Tran Phu street. The separate designed lift and magnetic card system is used for each floor.

Unlike many projects that almost "maximize" each square-meter of land. With the Costa Nha Trang, low construction density, internal roads, reception lounges and common areas are covered entirely with marble stone designed widely and airily.

It is luxury not only the inside spaces but also the outside spaces. The Costa Nha Trang is designed to breathe natural sea breeze with wide corridors and open spaces.



In particular, while many projects sell houses on paper and properties formed in the future, The Costa Nha Trang has completed the legal procedures for investors to be granted apartment ownership certificates and ready to hand over.

In addition to the intrinsic attraction and guarantee from the reputable operator, in the context of the land fund in central Nha Trang depleted, The Costa Nha Trang is also the last 5-star tourist apartment block on Tran Phu Street with the best current price. Limited ownership, clear legal rights and preferential sales policy make the project more attractive.

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