CEO - TTDECOR wrote a letter to encourage employees during COVID-19 epidemic

Mr. Le Dinh Tung - CEO of TTDECOR, sent a letter to encourage employees when the general business situation of many corporations was affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. At the same time, Mr. Le Dinh Tung also affirmed the staff’s optimism and solidarity and motivated all TTDECORers.

The content of the message is as follows:



Dear TTDECORers,

As a captain of TTDECOR ship, I really appreciate and thanks for your companionship and sharing with our company during the recent difficult times and the coming time by the active companion from each TTDECORers.

As expected 2020 will be a premise year for the difficult day series of the Vietnamese economy in particular and the global economy in general after a hot and continuous development. However, this difficulty quickly increased by Covid epidemic, so all predictions and preparations are beyond calculation.

We - TTDECOR have been well prepared for this since 2 years ago. However, it is impossible to prepare for COVID before the quickly worldwide spread. Therefore, the difficulty is not today, but the difficulty will be in the time after this September onwards when the hit worldwide economy, the globally stagnated trade, the mass bankruptcy businesses, the high unemployment rate & the rised social instability.

The impact will be certain for the furniture and construction industry. However, it will not be as shocking as other industries because of the hit since 2019 when a large number of new buildings are not available & real estate products primarily for lease or investment are not used due to the rental exuberant market. And the furniture industry selects businesses which true do trade & have a clear direction in order to develop in a more standard way in this year.

With TTDECOR, I always say "TTDECOR - Always aiming to be a social enterprise" in which train and develop opportunities and passion to help TTDECORers have a sustainable working environment without thinking about income and life and from which we contribute to the social development. That is the mission that I myself have always thought and found solutions to help TTDECOR always grow and develop during the past 9 years.

As a captain, I would not be able to control the ship through difficulties without the sailors’ companion. TTDECOR is today thanks largely to TTDCORers who have always been with me through all the hardships in the past 09 years. Therefore, I only hope one thing from TTDECORers - Let's "STAY STRONG" together and & resolutely overcome this wave. Thinking of everything as a motivation to help us grow. Waves no matter how high we get, it will help us go faster.

To overcome this, I just hope each department performs the following tasks:

1. Board of Director: Always strictly monitoring, controling & supporting TTDECORers to ensure the completed work in the best way. Finding solutions to help all department develop more.

2. Sales and Marketing department: Always taking care of old customers, servicing existing customers and finding new channels to reach new customers as well as ensure TTDECOR does not lack potential customers.

3. Design department: Always carefully grasping the needs of customers, finding all solutions to ensure the design products according to customers' wishes with the most effective time. Absolutely do not let customers unhappy or spend valuable time to design a useless product.

4. Estimation department: Ensuring the works get the fastest quotation with the best price for customers.

5. Construction department: Ensuring the best quality of construction, fastest progress & highest efficiency to help TTDECOR gain revenue quickly.

6. QS department: Always making sure that the document go hand in hand with the progress to avoid delaying company funds.

7. Accounting department: Always carefully controling expenses and ensuring the best debt collection.

8. Manufactory: Always ensuring the quality, progress & efficiency in each project to help the company get a better quality factory.

9. Human resource department: Always accompanying and sharing with TTDECORers throughout this difficult way.

Finally, I will try my best with 200% of my ability and intelligence to ensure that TTDECORers are not worry about jobs and bonuses even though there are a number of orther companies have implemented policies to reduce personnel and salary as well as hibernation. And I will accompany TTDECORers beyond the 2020 year in a glorious way. In the future, we will look back on this year to be a resilient and indomitable year of TTDECOR.


Thanks and best regards,

Le Dinh Tung